Gypsum Concrete

Southern Floor Systems installs poured gypsum concrete underlayment using Maxxon® Gyp-Crete®. Paired with Maxxon® Acousti-Mat® sound control mats, your project’s flooring will be fire and sound resistant, sturdy, and long lasting.

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Strong, Long-Lasting Underlayment

Southern Floor Systems uses a team of certified professionals to pour high quality gypsum concrete, Maxxon® Gyp-Crete®, over Maxxon® Acousti-Mat® Sound Control Mats. This unique pairing works well for increasing sound and fire resistance while also being a great option for radiant (heated) flooring. We install gypsum underlayment primarily in multifamily and commercial buildings, but we also do large residential projects. If you are ready to work with our team today, click below to get started with a free quote!

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Gypsum Concrete Benefits

  • Minimize noises by pairing with sound control mats
  • Avoid corrosion and shrinking in radiant flooring projects
  • Enjoy clear air and fewer toxins with low chemical emission products
  • Less pressure on framework with 4,500 psi compression strengths
  • Faster dry time allows foot traffic hours after installation

Gypsum Concrete Applications

Southern Floor Systems offers a few main applications in the underlayment category: pouring Maxxon® Gyp-Crete® gypsum concrete, installing Maxxon® Acousti-Mat® Sound Mats, and floor prep. Read about each category below, and click below when you’re ready to get a free quote!

Gypsum Flooring

Southern Floor Systems pours Maxxon® Gyp-Crete® for a strong, long-lasting underlayment in commercial and multifamily buildings. Our exclusive mixture helps make sound and fire resistance your #1 priority. Plus, the gypsum concrete works well for radiant (heated) flooring.

Sound Control Mats

By pairing Maxxon® Acousti-Mat® Sound Control Mats with gypsum concrete underlayment, it reduces sound. Whether it’s for multifamily or commercial buildings, our sound control mats work to minimize vibrations and dampen noises.

Floor Prep

Southern Floor Systems has a certified team that preps for underlayment in new constructions or renovated buildings. From cleaning wood sublayers to removing old gypsum underlayment, our professional team has you covered.

Low Chemical Emissions

At Southern Floor Systems, our gypsum concrete underlayment products from Maxxon are GREENGUARD Gold Certified. This means that our products have such low chemical emissions that they can be installed in schools and healthcare facilities. Plus, you can earn points for LEED® project certification.

Maxxon Tools

Interactive Assembly

As the creator of Maxxon® Gyp-Crete®, Maxxon® is a trusted source for products and tools. If you need help deciding your floor assembly, click the button below or reach out to Southern Floor Systems directly.


Maxxon® Products

Maxxon® is one of the most trusted companies in the industry, so it’s only fitting that Southern Floor Systems opts for their products. With high quality materials, innovation, and safety being their number one priority, you can be confident that our professional team is finishing every job to perfection.

Maxxon® Gyp-Crete® Gypsum Underlayment:

  • Basic
  • 2000 Multifamily
  • Gyp-Fix® EZ Patch
  • Radiant
  • High Performance

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Cementitious Underlayment:

  • Level-Crete™
  • Level-Right®
  • Level-Right® LDF
  • Level EZ

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Sound Control Mat Underlayment:

  • Acousti-Mat® 1/8
  • Acousti-Mat® 1/4
  • Acousti-Mat® 1/4 Premium
  • Acousti-Mat® 3/8 Sound Control
  • Acousti-Mat® 3/4
  • Acousti-Mat® 3/4 Premium
  • Acousti-Top®

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Gypsum Concrete Underlayment

With the pairing of gypsum underlayment and sound control mats, FIIC and IIC are used to determine the insulation of the material. IIC is Impact Insulation Class and is used to determine the level of acoustic insulation in a laboratory test. FIIC stands for Field Impact Insulation Class and is essentially the more accurate, on-site test with the sound control mats and underlayment together. The recommended FIIC should be around 55. Higher FIIC or IIC means that the impact noises in a building won’t be as noticeable.

Before working with Southern Floor Systems, it’s important to know just what services we offer. The four levels of flooring are: joists, subfloor, underlayment, and the floor covering. In the gypsum concrete section, we offer the underlayment application specifically.

  • Joists – Wood foundation and frame for the flooring
  • Subfloor – Structural layer of plywood that goes beneath the underlayment
  • Underlayment – Smooth, flat, and sturdy surface layer for flooring.
  • Floor Covering – Topmost layer consisting of carpet, tile, vinyl, and other flooring options

Since underlayment protects your floors from mold, mildew, and moisture and provides a strong, smooth structure, it’s one of the most important parts of your flooring. It can also help increase fire and sound resistance in any structure.

Sound control mats offer an extra layer that works to absorb vibrations that cause noises. By dampening the vibrations, the sound won’t travel as far. Our mats at Southern Floor Systems work to prevent unnecessary noises in multifamily and commercial buildings as a result of the sound control mat and underlayment pairings.