Elevated Concrete

Southern Floor Systems pours heavy duty concrete flooring over balconies and breezeways. With a waterproof layer applied underneath, our expert team weatherproofs project floors and ensures they last.

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Light, Long-Lasting Concrete

Our Southern Floor Systems team ensures that elevated flooring projects are finished using high quality, lightweight concrete so the project holds up better and lasts longer. With 3,000 psi pump mix concrete installed on breezeways, balconies, and more, your elevated concrete system stays strong and resistant to the weather. Go up against rain, snow, wind, and more with our exclusive poured concrete and ensure your floors stay put. Keep reading about our offered services, or click below to get started with a free quote for our services at Southern Floor Systems today!

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Benefits of Elevated Concrete

  • Stronger, durable material equates to a longer material life
  • Weather-proof results with waterproof Polyguard® membrane
  • Light broom finish ensures durability and traction
  • Exterior topping slabs are the best specification according to architects
  • Hard working team keeps projects on schedule
  • ADA Compliant


Elevated Concrete Applications

Southern Floor Systems has an incredible team of laborers that install balconies, breezeways, and other applications efficiently and safely. Read about each of our commercial, multifamily, and residential applications below.


Southern Floor Systems pours a concrete mixture over wood framed balconies to provide a strong, weather resistant flooring when paired with our Polyguard® waterproofing system. Click below to get a free quote and bring your project to life with our certified professionals.


Since breezeways are open to the elements, our Southern Floor Systems team ensures that the wood frame sublayer is protected by a waterproof system before we pour lightweight, dependable concrete over the top. Contact our team today to get expert installation and more longevity in your finished project.

More Applications

Besides balconies and breezeways, our Southern Floor Systems team also installs stairwell landings, decks, and other smaller projects. If you are wondering whether we can work with you to finish your project, contact our team today to ask questions or get a free quote.


Southern Floor Systems uses a waterproof, weather resistant Polyguard® 650 sheet membrane over the wood frame sublayer of your flooring project. By using this layer, it keeps the wood from rotting to ensure that your structure lasts for years. Contact us today to get started with this exclusive service.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Elevated Concrete for Breezeways & Balconies

At Southern Floor Systems, our process is similar to regular concrete installation but more elevated. We keep our team safe while they are working by using harnesses. They mix the concrete and proceed to pour it over the wood frame of a balcony, breezeway, or other structures. While it’s being poured, we level it to ensure the mixture is distributed evenly. Then, we often finish it with a brush to provide more traction.

Our team at Southern Floor Systems layers Polyguard® over the wood frame to ensure that it’s completely waterproofed before adding the concrete over the top. By adding our waterproofing system, this ensures that the wood frame isn’t susceptible to the elements and lasts for years.

The brush finish over a concrete pour ensures that there is no smooth, slippery surface left over. By using the brush finish, it provides grooves that offer stability and traction.

Elevated concrete generally refers to lifted concrete pour projects such as breezeways, balconies, stairwell landings, porches, etc. Our specialty falls under breezeways and balconies in particular.