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Since Southern Floor Systems was built in 1985, our company has been working with architects, engineers, and owners to deliver expertly poured gypsum concrete underlayment and elevated concrete flooring using only the highest quality products. These popular services follow proper specifications and are made to last, so every project meets or exceeds expectations. Plus, our underlayment is GREENGUARD Gold Certified, which means you can increase LEED project certification points. So, keep reading about these top services, or click below to get a free quote today!

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Southern Floor Systems handles two of your most important services for your project: gypsum concrete and elevated concrete. Gypsum concrete is used as a strong, lightweight underlayment in multifamily and commercial constructions to increase sound and fire resistance. Elevated concrete is poured over wood-framed balconies, breezeways, and other raised areas over a waterproof membrane system to make it weatherproof.

Gypsum Concrete

Southern Floor Systems pours gypsum concrete underlayment using Maxxon Gyp-Crete®. This durable, lightweight material is ideal for multifamily buildings. Paired with Maxxon Acousti-Mat® Sounds Control Mats, the exclusive underlayment is fire and sound resistant.

Elevated Concrete

Our Southern Floors team excels at pouring concrete in elevated places, including balconies, breezeways, stairwell landings, and more. Keeping our safety and your project specifications in mind, we use only the highest quality concrete, applicator tools, and a Polyguard waterproofing system to ensure your project lasts.

Other Services at Southern Floor Systems

Other than our two most requested services, we have several other specialties, including:

  • Topical sound control mats for renovations
  • Laser-leveled floors
  • Radiant, heating flooring underlayment
  • Deep fill projects
  • Resurfacing for lightweight, spalled, and rough unfinished concrete
  • Fixing unleveled floors with weight load issues
  • Adhesive removal
  • Cleaning and profiling concrete
  • ASR barrier protection
  • Leveling hollow core and precast concrete planks
  • And more

To see what other services we offer at Southern Floor Systems, contact us today using the button below!

High Quality Materials, More Solutions

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