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Structis is a team of certified professionals that install poured gypsum underlayment, sound control mats, and elevated concrete balconies and breezeways, made to last with waterproofing systems.

Flooring Experts for Over 30 Years

Since 1985, Structis has been installing gypsum and concrete. Our expert team works with anyone within a 3 hour-mile radius from Pensacola, covering parts of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Whether it’s underlayment, sound control mats, elevated concrete for balconies and breezeways, or waterproofing, our trusted team gets every project done well and on time.

Gypsum Underlayment

Gypsum Concrete

Structis uses high quality materials, so every project is well-built and made to last. From pouring quality, fire- and sound-resistant gypsum concrete underlayment, Maxxon® Gyp-Crete®, to installing Maxxon® Acousti-Mat® sound control mats, our team has the resources and expertise your project needs.

Concrete Underlayment

Elevated Concrete

Structis excels in pouring concrete underlayment for balconies and breezeways. Using strong steel or wood framing, our elevated concrete is carefully poured and leveled to create a smooth surface or lifted into place using cranes. Before and/or after applying the concrete, our expert team also adds a waterproofing system to weatherproof the material.


Your Choice for Professional Underlayment

Decades of experience and high quality Maxxon® products make Structis your top choice for underlayment installation in the south. Our certified professionals work hard to finish every project on time, and on budget, to exceed expectations. To work with a team of underlayment pouring professionals, click below to get started today!

Professional Consultation

Project Specifications

Contact our Structis team today to get project specification assistance for sound control and fire ratings. Our expert team will determine the tools necessary to complete your project on time and with the proper specifications in mind.

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